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The program is designed to teach students the theory of foil, and épée, coordination between mind and body, and basic and competitive fencing in an group setting. Our students compete on the local, national, and occasionally, international level.  The program contains speed and agility training, footwork, and blade work in addition to individual lessons (except Sat. 8:30am class) and open bouting. 

Maestro Peter Burchard runs the junior program on Tuesday nights. Tuesday's focus on footwork, individual lessons, and open bouting. 

Scott Cunningham and Sandor Mandoki run our Monday, Friday afternoon foil program from 4pm to 6:30pm.  This program is strongly geared for the middle and high school aged student.

Kathy Krusen runs our Wednesday afternoon (4-6:30pm) and early Saturday class (8:30am).  These two classes are geared toward our younger fencers (ages 5-13).

Peter Burchard
Kathy Krusen
Scott Cunningham
Sandor Mandoki
Monday 4pm-6:30pm (ages 10 to 19)
Tuesday 7:30pm-10pm (ages 14 to adult)
Wednesday 4pm-6:30pm (ages 5 to 13)
Thursday 7:30pm-10pm (ages 14 to adult)
Friday 4pm-6:30pm (ages 10 to 19)
Saturday 8:30am to 9:30:am (ages 5 to 9)
Saturday 9:30am to 12:30pm (ages 10 to 19)
Worth Mentioning

Cost is dependent on the number of days per week the student attends and how many individual lessons they are taking.  There is a slight discount for quarterly vs monthly payments.  Please use the contact form to inquire about this program and fees.


Class Coach

Peter Burchard

Maestro Peter Burchard has been involved in the sport of fencing since 1970.  He is a Fencing Master of the United States Fencing Coach...